Our family welcomes you to Bangkok Garden:

We are Bangkok Garden, a traditional Thai food restaurant. We have been serious about delivering really great Thai food to our wonderful and loyal customers in the Ogden area since we opened in Oct. of 2012. Our customers come from as far South as Provo and Utah Valley – and as far North as Logan.

Bangkok Garden is a collaboration between Patsorn (Pat) Jarukasem: owner and general manager, and her friend of 20 years: Annie Benjasup, executive chef – both of whom are native Thai. Their love of cooking has been their aspiration since they were young child in Thailand. Together, they decided to follow their dream, opening a Thai restaurant.

It just so happened that the previous owner, who had been running the restaurant for 13 years, were ready to retire, so Pat and Annie’s dream came true. They kept the name, “Bangkok Garden” and many of the same menu items. Their first order of business was updating the interior of the restaurant to include bright wooden floors and elegant glass chandeliers.

Although the menu is largely the same, they use their own family recipes to prepare each dish. The main body of the menu is made up of Thai dishes but includes a variety of Chinese and Vietnamese items, as well.

With chef Annie working hard in the kitchen, creating authentic Thai dishes and Pat at the front servicing and educating customer about the foods – Bangkok Garden caught on by word of mouth and spread like wild fire. It was also chosen for the Best of State Award in 2013.

Utah State Medal